Facial displays of emotion


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Emotion Facial displays of
Rapid identification of facial expressions can profoundly affect social interactions, yet most research to date has focused on static rather than dynamic expressions.
Emotion Facial displays of
Many authors have proposed that facial expressions, by conveying emotional states of the person we are interacting with, influence the interaction behavior. In addition, we investigated whether and how the effects of emotions on action execution are modulated by participants' empathic attitudes.
Facial displays of emotion
The Behavioral Ecology View of Facial Displays, 25 Years Later
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Observers in both literate and preliterate cultures chose the predicted emotion for photographs of the face, although agreement was higher in the literate samples. These findings suggest that the pan-cultural element in facial displays of emotion is the association between facial muscular movements and discrete primary emotions, although cultures may still differ in what evokes an emotion, in rules for controlling the display of emotion, and in behavioral consequences.
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Alcoholics' deficits in the decoding of emotional facial expression.
Facial displays of emotion
When Action Meets Emotions: How Facial Displays of Emotion Influence Goal-Related Behavior
Emotion Facial displays of
The current version benefitted from the editorial efforts of Andrea Scarantino. An expanded version will appear in a volume published by Oxford University Press.
Facial displays of emotion
Facial displays are not fixed, semantic read-outs of internal states such as emotions or intentions, but flexible tools for social influence.
Emotion Facial displays of
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Emotion Facial displays of
Pan-Cultural Elements in Facial Displays of Emotion
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